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Top Ten

By Daniel Hubbard | April 6, 2014

In light of David Letterman’s impending retirement, here are the-

Top ten reasons to give up genealogy

10 Tired of the search result “Buy Ichabod Whittleby products on!”
9 Thought people were kidding about the 1890 census.
8 Upset by DNA match to Justin Bieber.
7 Discovered that someone has copied your idea to fill a hollowed out mountain with genealogy records.
6 Ancestral castle in Scotland turned out to be a White CastleĀ® in Scottsburg.
5 Discovered great-grandma died in infancy.
4 Tired of accusations of plagiarism over your book, Roots.
3 That lying clerk’s insistence that the courthouse had burned when you were clearly standing inside it.
2 Your starring role in the local theater production of Who Do You Think You Are failed to land you a part on the TV show.
1 Realized that all the interesting ancestors are already taken.

If any of these reasons actually seem correct and reasonable to you, don’t give up, take a deep breath and forge on.

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