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I is for Identity

By Daniel Hubbard | May 4, 2014

Identity must be one of the most fascinating facets of genealogy.

Isak and Ovra where recorded twice as parents. Those were the names that were written into the birth registers. When one of their sons died the information about his parents matched Isak and Ovra with one exception, their names. Ignatz and Charlotte were the dead man’s parents. So much for Isak and Ovra as the identities of the parents.

Isak and Ovra lived in Austria. Ignacz and Lotti were found in Hungary. So much for Isak and Ovra as the parents.

Living with Ignacz and Lotti were their two sons—sons with the same names and years of birth as the sons of Isak and Ovra. Interesting. Nevertheless Ignacz and Lotti’s boys were born at Bécs. Isak and Ovra’s boys were born in Vienna. So they can’t be the same.

The only question left is the identity of Bécs. Bécs is Hungarian for Vienna. Isak is Ignatz. Ovra is Lotti. Lotti’s American descendants knew her as Charlotte and her son and his descendants gave his place of birth as Vienna. Identity can be a subtle and mysterious thing.

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